Tiger Butterfly

About Us

Tiger Butterfly Films is a New York-based independent film company formed in 2008 with the purpose of making meaningful feature films and documentaries.  


Louyi was the screenplay co-writer for five feature films and many TV plays in China. 

She won awards for best screenplay in China for Shadow Magic and My 1919 and won the best screenplay in Taiwan for Ding Jun Mountain.    

In 2017, Director Louyi Tang's Chairman Buddha, a documentary about a time of Mao Zedong without Mao Zedong, was nominated for five awards and won Best Director and Best Original Score at the Berlin international Filmmakers Festival.   

Prior her filmmaking career, she was a professional violinist in Zhejiang Symphony Orchestra and a teacher at China Conservatory of Music in Bejing.  Her passion about film art let her into filmmaking, to which she has devoted her heart since 1991. She currently resides in the United States where she studied Directing and Filmmaking at the New York Film Academy.